Earwax and ear cleaning: Learn about it

17 Ocak 2022 - 14:13

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Earwax and ear cleaning: Learn about it
Earwax is a body secretion. It is not a waste of body so, it is wrong to call it Earwax. Cerumen protects the eardrums. It filters the air and prevents passing small particles to get into the ear canal. In other words, the interaction of particles in the air with the ear causes earwax.

What is Cerumen/Earwax?

Cerumen is not dirt or body waste as generally known. It protects against any particles that are possible to interact with ear. Cerumen is the natural defense of the body. If we clean the Cerumen, it makes our ear vulnerable to any external factor. Cerumen solidifies over time. Solidified Cerumen is thrown out to the ear. There are some factors that may affect the increase of the cerumen amount.

Why earwax forms?