10 Ways to Understand Whether You're Dealing With Fresh Products or Not

01 Kasım 2021 - 14:54

When we go to a store, we might get lost in the variety of products offered. Eggs alone can be presented by a dozen different manufacturers. We can assess the freshness and quality of some products right in the supermarket or at the market, while others can only be checked after coming home.

We at Bright Side want to save money when buying products and not poison ourselves with bad-quality food. This is why we learned the tricks that can help you buy fresh and useful food.

An egg is fresh if the yolk is in the middle.

When you break an egg, look at the yolk. If it is located in the middle and there is a clear circle of whites around it, it means this egg is fresh. Also, the yolk itself should be voluminous. If it’s flat, don’t eat it. If the white doesn’t have clear borders and if the egg spreads, then this may be a sign that you are dealing with spoiled food.

Here is another way to tell an egg’s quality: place a raw egg (still in the shell) into water. If it stays on the bottom, it is good to consume. If one of its sides comes up, it means the egg is not that fresh but still edible. If it comes up to the water’s surface, you need to throw it away.